Culture Clash

Culture Clash                                                           rev. November 3, 2013

Trembling, tear stained
choking on bitterness
afraid to sleep
demons lying in wait
taunting her for a fool
chiding her for every well earned tear
laughing at her delusions.
no kick ass bounce back dime a dozen old news with it graduate of the love ‘em and leave ‘em school of romance,
culture shock overtaking a late bloomer, upright and ignorant, acquiring new vocabulary,  emotions overwhelming inbred propriety, rational civility, well honed modesty
Misplaced passions escaping the iron bars of habitual morality;
stored and forgotten,  left to ripen,  savoring freedom, generating their own brand of courage and strength
abandoning common wisdom for the uncommon illogical magnetic pull
of forbidden love in faraway places,
desire fueled by desire, emotion trumping reality,  surreal,  
the stuff of mid day soaps, bosom baring paperback novels
and Shakespearean tragedy.


You are the ocean,
depths yet undiscovered.
You are a gentle breeze
brushing my neck
with a soft caress.

You are a sorcerer,
bringing to life
dreams suspended and
almost forgotten.
Infinite magician.

You are electric.
You ignite my passions.
You are mystery,
layers uncovered
one by one.

August 1, 2012  The Spirit of the goddess Minerva



the days pass
succumbing to routine,
lulled by the familiar.
quiet mind
stillness of soul  

missing you
persistent longing


ambushed by
sneaking through
a strengthened connection…
intense steady pull.

a sigh of understanding…
resolution does not reside
in avoidance
Open up and
embrace the inevitable.

Something Different for this Blog – A Brief Music Video that I Created

Last year, before The Spirit of the Goddess claimed a large portion of my psyche, I put together a little video that represented a certain state of mind.  Some days I can enjoy it just for the music and the images; other times I can barely watch it because of the strong emotions that are unleashed. 

Which reaction did you have?  Please leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks for watching.  TSOTGM