You are the ocean,
depths yet undiscovered.
You are a gentle breeze
brushing my neck
with a soft caress.

You are a sorcerer,
bringing to life
dreams suspended and
almost forgotten.
Infinite magician.

You are electric.
You ignite my passions.
You are mystery,
layers uncovered
one by one.

August 1, 2012  The Spirit of the goddess Minerva



the days pass
succumbing to routine,
lulled by the familiar.
quiet mind
stillness of soul  

missing you
persistent longing


ambushed by
sneaking through
a strengthened connection…
intense steady pull.

a sigh of understanding…
resolution does not reside
in avoidance
Open up and
embrace the inevitable.

Consume Me


Devour me

Like the flames lick the tossed sticks of wood in the glowing corner of the darkened room.

Piece by piece I will become a part of you –

fueling you – taunting you – wanting you – wanting you.

Take me apart, put me back together,

infuse my soul with laughter

with tears

with love

with fear.  

with hope

with dreams .

The more I am renewed

the more I will disappear in you. 

All my yearnings point me to you –

all my longings –

my entire being aches to hold you in me and be held.

Heal me

Every kiss

each stroke

will bring life and love and wholeness….