Deep inside my heart my trust in you resides
while insecure delusions fight for the upper hand
out of habit fearing the worst
anticipating devastation
afraid you will disappear

Repeated exposure to crushing losses
numbed me to the  pain
But once that barrier was breached
defenses hyperactivated
and fight or flight instincts finely honed.

Though weakening
This resulting paradox persists
but now the light of clarity shines sooner
as my trust grows
as you are revealed to me.

Being Real: When Hyperbole and Life Intersect

Sometimes hyperbole tells the tale best of all.  I sincerely hope to get some feedback on this one.  thanks!

Being Real

– When Hyperbole and Life Intersect

Overwhelmed by a single thought
Triggered by sweet words read on some site I don’t recall
A punch to my chest

A  shawl knit of sorrow draped around my shoulders
A vacuum sucks the air from my lungs
This sudden longing for you
a craving sharp and fierce

If I can’t touch you how can I live
and navigate my days?
Never feel you?  Never kiss you?
Never hold you in my arms?

The sands of regret
weigh me down and clog my breath
I am blinded to life’s beauty
We will never be together