The Fourth of Anytime

Contemplating the fourth of anytime

in that empty room

somewhere between here and there

ready and waiting

as I am for you

hungering for your touch

longing to feel your body

pressing, molding to mine


Keenly sensing your warmth

Your strength – innate power

Long known inner signposts

guide our lips , our fingers

skimming, probing,

caressing, demanding,

plunging, drowning

finding, losing.


Focusing, forgetting

Our world distilled as trembling sensation

Building,  seeking the limits

Bursting through imaginary fences

Carrying us to new realms

Clinging, crying out

Destiny realized

In this lifetime.

I said I wouldn’t

I said I wouldn’t
So I won’t
I said I wouldn’t bother you
I don’t
I said I wouldn’t write to you
I don’t
I said I wouldn’t demand a thing
I don’t
I said I’d always be your friend
I am
I said I’d always support your goals
I do
I said I wouldn’t interfere
I don’t
I said I’d always remember you
I will
I said I’d keep it to myself
I did mostly
I said I didn’t want you
I lied.