I said I wouldn’t

I said I wouldn’t
So I won’t
I said I wouldn’t bother you
I don’t
I said I wouldn’t write to you
I don’t
I said I wouldn’t demand a thing
I don’t
I said I’d always be your friend
I am
I said I’d always support your goals
I do
I said I wouldn’t interfere
I don’t
I said I’d always remember you
I will
I said I’d keep it to myself
I did mostly
I said I didn’t want you
I lied.

5 thoughts on “I said I wouldn’t

  1. brialafayette says:



  2. Thanks Martina. Your essay about writing gave me a lot of food for thought. Looking back over the past year I realize that most of my writing was done for my own therapeutic purpose. Perhaps others recognized themselves and could benefit as well; I hope so. Did you look at my art blog? Lots of quilts on there. http://guilagreerart.com and Namaste to you – yoga later 🙂


  3. Hello! I enjoyed reading your work! I am very interested in your quilt/fiber work as well. I used the images of two art
    quilts as book covers because I am fascinated by the way the fabric contains the art.


  4. That burning desire that’s impossible to hide /:


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