If We Could

This would  be so simple
if I could say it’s been good to know ya hunny and turn my back
and creep  back into my dusty corner.

If it brought you happiness
I would wiggle my nose and disappear… and a tiny butterfly
would land on yours – erasing my memory from the hard drive in your head.

You would be free of me forever
No crazy poet to disturb your tranquility
To tell you how much she loves you and wants you.

 If I could.

Common sense has no role 
as a means to the end
of the uncommon connection between us.

 Busy days with endless details
fail  to crowd out thoughts of you
and the eager anticipation of feeling your presence.

We drift we collide we bide our time
A struggle ongoing, edging toward resolution
Ominous and inevitable 

I cling to the certainty
That this is not yet over
Despite the ought tos, the should haves and the must nots.

It is not possible to contain the ephemeral.
The only way to resolve this fantastical dilemma
Is to act out the fantasy and make it real

You won’t be my friend
I won’t be your enemy
But I would be your lover

If you could…

The Fourth of Anytime

Contemplating the fourth of anytime

in that empty room

somewhere between here and there

ready and waiting

as I am for you

hungering for your touch

longing to feel your body

pressing, molding to mine


Keenly sensing your warmth

Your strength – innate power

Long known inner signposts

guide our lips , our fingers

skimming, probing,

caressing, demanding,

plunging, drowning

finding, losing.


Focusing, forgetting

Our world distilled as trembling sensation

Building,  seeking the limits

Bursting through imaginary fences

Carrying us to new realms

Clinging, crying out

Destiny realized

In this lifetime.