I Want To Write Comedy

I want to write comedy
My drama queen is near used up
Fresh out of tears
Shirking the heavy cloak
That weighs down my beat up spirit
Seeking a lighter space
A place of gladness in my soul
A spot of sunshine in the garden.

I want to make people laugh
Not to despair for me
To welcome back my steady smile
Anticipate good news
Remembering punch  lines
Delivered with clever timing
Reach out open arms
And draw in this world of beauty.

All the tools I need
Are lined up willing ready
Love of family and friends
Treasured memories never to be lost
Hoarding my health for richness of years to come
Generous with caring and love
Wisdom of years past
Still a work in progress.

A New Year – Almost Here

While the media is consumed with summing up 2012 with their top ten lists and fiscal cliff updates I’ve been doing much the same but looking a lot closer to home.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a list of resolutions or anything like that.  Just one insight into my personal struggle with procrastination.

For the past few days I’ve consciously tried to DO when I THINK of it; usual habit being to think – oh that would be good to do – then putting whatever ‘it’ is on the back burner,.

Here’s a concrete example.  I looked at this blog earlier today and considered my posting frustrations and general dissatisfaction with the functionality and look of it.  But this time I dove in, changed the theme, tweaked some other things like color and felt great satisfaction with the outcome.

So I dug up a poem written many months ago and somehow forgot to post. I brushed it up some and Tada – it is now posted on my rejuvenated blog!

Have a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year my dear readers!!

Thanks for all your visits, likes and comments in 2012.