playing dead doesn’t come naturally
by nature I’m a stubborn fighter
known for a tenacious spirit
deaf to the ending bell.

giving up isn’t in my vocabulary
when I KNOW the relative merits of hanging on
and recognize the fallacy
of falsely acknowledging defeat.

I’ve always believed
that I could accomplish whatever I set out to
this habit of a lifetime
has served me well till now.

but when every indication firmly
tells me to stop trying
objective and subjective, customary and recognized
it’s time.



magical sky_edited-1


You are the sum of my dreams
and the essence of my longings.
I crave your touch.
You are my fantasy lover.
You are the energy that lifts me to play amongst the clouds
in search of the sun’s pathways.

You are my refuge from the panic monster
a touchstone bringing calm and clarity
a source of strength and love
a reminder that a constant exists
that caring and kindness do not cease
because time and space intervene.

Miles cannot defeat
this life affirming evidence
that connections persist and bonds strengthen
if we open our minds to possibility
and our hearts to kindness
and breathe in the wonder .

© the Spirit of the Goddess Minerva