Love – The Inadequacies of a Word




a totally inadequate word

for this passion that rages;

outpacing each obstacle

tossed in its path


for the unimaginable depths of feeling

welling up unbidden

overcoming guarded habits

of a lifetime.


for the fierce unwillingness to bow to reason

rendering demographics meaningless

by overriding time and space

to meet in another dimension.


longing to be free of the earthly pull

to tear off restraints –

overwhelmed by the sheer joy

that lifts my spirit to the heavens


yearning for moments yet to come

to touch your lips, to gaze into your eyes

to feel your breath warm my cheek

Our hearts beat in perfect unison.

Writing While Happy

Why do words get put on paper at moments of despair?

When it’s a race between the ink and the tears

to transfer their essence to the page?

Aren’t the giddy moments to be memorialized?

Isn’t delight worthy of choice phrases?


True elation – a moment in time

when your heart could burst and spill the joy

as far as the edges of your universe.

Fragments of time to be savored

And later reviewed with fresh pleasure.


With deepest meaning of their own

and needing no embellishment

to sparkle in the gloom of winter

to keep you company with warmth engendered

from treasured artifacts.


Happiness is not simply the absence of pain

It is a balance of accepting what is

while maintaining a tenuous grip on what could be

of comfort in your true persona

of knowing how to love.


And when, combined with long awaited

declarations and promise of new directions

your heart gets to that bursting point

Catharsis is as close as a pen or keyboard

expression venting the swell of feeling.


Preferable to indiscriminate disclosure

The wrong word in the wrong ear

Longer lasting reminder of

an exquisite moment,

part of your special history.