The Battlefield

The battlefield exists in my head

The combatants are regrouping

Re-arming for their next attack

The home team takes comfort in what they can see

The logical progression of familiar scenes

Narrated in crisp tones with familiar dialogue

While the visitors nod with knowing smirks

That behind the scenes a chorus of naiads

Suggest other worlds in their songs


If you choose to listen to this seductive siren

Be prepared for swift ascent to a world of ephemeral joy

And a precipitous plunge to despair

So my Head coach cautions

The sirens sing not only for you

They sing for whoever is fool enough to listen to their melodies

And often their sweet harmony will take you down unintended paths

Betraying your trust for their own gratification.


The battlefield languishes

The combatants bide their time

When hope is at its highest

When I am start to utter victorious words

They will once again take their places

Brandish their cruel weapons

Camouflaged in beguiling images

Destroying certainty confounding rational thought.

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